Volgograd Regional
Perinatal Center №2

Restoration muscles of pelvic floor

Nowadays every woman takes care of her health. One of the way is the training of muscles of pelvic floor. We invite you to a consultation to evaluate the intimate muscles with the opportunity to engage in modern devices. Timely examination by a specialist will help you to avoid serious problems and subsequent surgical intervention. Attendance is conducted by the obstetrician-gynecologist, the Candidate of Medicine, Gritsenko Irina Anatolyevna. On Tuesdays and Fridays 9.00-1.00 am. Telephone: +7-963-162-37-06. There are six things, which you will have after such trainings: The prevention and solving of women’s health problems (abasement, postpartum weakening muscles, uroclepsia, age-related changes, recovering of menstrual cycle, venous distensibility of small pelvis and so on). The training muscles for painless act of delivery is the ability to control the pelvic floor muscles, especially, to relax and strain them, which allows you to make childbearing faster and less painful. The reduction of vaginal size after childbirth. The sensibility increases during the trainings, and the intimate life of a woman and her partner also improves. Due to improving of blood circulation in the pelvic area and the normalization of metabolic processes, the probability of pregnancy increases several times. Regular exercise will help you learn how to feel and control your body, improve the quality of your sex life and increase self-confidence.

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