Volgograd Regional
Perinatal Center №2

Rehabilitation therapy

One of the departments of gynecology in Volgograd regional perinatal center is the program of rehabilitation therapy. It includes comprehensive set of measures, which aimed at examination, treatment and preventive interventions for future mothers. If it is necessary, there are some procedures in: ⁃ physiotherapy ⁃ therapy for the immunity ⁃ ozone and laser therapy ⁃ plasmaphairesis The program lasts 7-10 days in our the most comfortable in-patient department. It costs 10800 rubles. This program of rehabilitation therapy is shown also for women, who are planning in vitro fertilization. Besides, there are a great number of women, preparing for in vitro fertilization, after this therapy can be self-pregnant. We are waiting for all the women, who are planning their pregnancies in our hospital, where we will be with you at all stages: preparation, bearing and nascency of your child.

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