Volgograd Regional
Perinatal Center №2

Medical and genetic consultation

We use transabdominal and  transvaginal ultrasounds, invasive diagnosis under ultrasound control (prenatal diagnostics, ultrasonography)

Procedures are  carried out on modern ultrasound installations of expert class, which allow visualization of the subject of the research in the 2D and 3D images.

We conduct X-ray diagnostic methods (analog and digital) in gynecology and Pediatrics.

Ultrasound examination in gynecology

-examination of the uterus, appendages, pelvic organs.

-diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.

-detection of endometrial pathology of the uterus, ovaries.

-diagnosis of tumors of the uterus, appendages, pelvic organs.

-ultrasound angiography of pelvic vessels.

-color Doppler imaging and Doppler study of blood vessels of the uterus and ovaries

-carrying out invasive procedures under ultrasound control (puncture and drainage of the lumps of appendages of uterus)

-hysterosonography (assessment of fallopian tubes patency, uterine cavity formation)

Ultrasound examination of mammary glands, thyroid body with the evaluation of regional lymph nodes.

Ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs.

Invasive prenatal diagnosis to identify chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus:

  • chorionic villus sampling ( 9-14 weeks)
  • cordocentesis (puncture of umbilical vein) (18-22 weeks)
  • placentocentesis (16-20 weeks)
  • amniocentesis ( 16-22 weeks)

The complex program of calculation of risk of congenital abnormalities of the fetus (one day clinic — one visit in the first trimester 11-14 weeks of pregnancy, optimal at 11-13 weeks, ultrasound screening, biochemical screening — taking of blood at PAPP, b-HCG, computer calculation of risk of fetal chromosomal pathology ( Down’s syndrome and etc.)

Early identification of the fetus’sex ( chorion biopsy sicne 9th week of the pregnancy) and a paternity test if the couple wants.

We conduct a consultation in identifying pathologies, birth defects and find out the prognosis for the life and health of the future child

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