Volgograd Regional
Perinatal Center №2

A consultation appointment

10 leading doctors working in the Perinatal center conduct consultations.

Have you been looking for a good doctor at women’s health and pregnancy? Or would you like to give a childbirth in our Centre? Make an appointment!

Shklyar Alexey Leonidovich — Deputy chief physician for clinical and expert work.

Seredin Andrey Vasilyevich — Deputy chief physician for obstetric-gynecologic support.

Kolesnik Tatiana Nikolaevna – Head of Maternity Department.

Shramko Evgeny Ivanovna – Head of distance consultative center of anesthesiology and resuscitation with mobile teams.

Khomich Elena Anatolyevna- Head of the Department of pregnancy pathology.

Sviridova Olga Nikolaevna — Head of obstetric physical Department.

Polyanskaya Marina Anatolyevna — Head of consultative and diagnostic polyclinic.

Pivovarov Anton Nilolaevich- Head of anesthesiology and resuscitation.

Bradic Tatiana Valentinovna — Head of gynecology Department.

Goncharov Vladimir Ivanovich- obstetrician- gynecologist of the highest category of obstetric observation Department.

What is included in the consultation appointment?

Consultation on gynecology and obstetrics;

Ultrasound with echocardiography;

Fetal cardiotocography

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