Volgograd Regional
Perinatal Center №2
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Volgograd Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre No. 2 opened on December 15, 2010. The centre specializes in providing medical services to patients with a high level of obstetrical and perina­tal risk and serves a clini­cal base of Volgograd State Medical University. Here there is the region’s only simulation centre for train­ing obstetrician-gynaecolo­gists, resuscitators, neona-tologists.

The perinatal centre has a strong lead in the number of babies deliv­ered among the region’s maternity clinics which Is over 26.6 thousand from 2010 to the 2017s.

The whole cycle of re­production is conducted in the centre (excluding IVF) from preparation for preg­nancy to baby delivery of various types ranging from classical horizontal child­birth to vertical delivery or even water birth. The clinic supports childbirth with the partner (husband, doula, mother or friend).

Volgograd Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre No. 2 provides the following medical services: organ-preserving opera­tions with the use of unique methods and materials pre­venting women from losing the reproductive function; ultrasound prenatal diag­nostics of embryonic abnor­mal development of expert class; diagnostics of chromo­somal and hereditary syn­dromes; one-day examination of infertility problems; consultations on pelvic floor preservation and re­habilitation.

The centre offers diag­nostic and medical assis­tance to pregnant women with any level of obstetrical risk and provides childbirth care with any doctor, mid­wife and perinatal psychol­ogist at a patient’s choice.

The team of the centre’s professionals can cope with most challenging tasks. In 2014 it was awarded the First Closs Persons title in the Premature Baby Care nomination of the all-Rus­sian Perinatal Medicine Awards. Besides, it was titled the best perinatal centre within the 6th Na­tional Award The Reproduc­tive Future of Russia — 2017.

The centre provides accommodation in dou­ble and triple wards, In­dividual and family de­livery suites equipped with a transformer bed, a padded platform, a birth chair, a fitball, pads, a toi­let and a shower. In one of the delivery suites there is a whirlpool tub.



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